Psalm 124

Nisi quia Dominus
If the Lord himself had not been on our side, now may Israel say: *
if the Lord himself had not been on our side, when men rose up against us,
Then would they have swallowed us up alive, *
when they were so wrathfully displeased with us;
Then the waters would have drowned us, and the torrent gone over us; *
then the raging waters would have gone clean over us.
But praised be the Lord *
who has not given us over to be prey for their teeth.
We escaped like a bird out of the snare of the fowler; *
the snare is broken, and we have been delivered.
Our help is in the Name of the Lord, *
the maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 125

Qui confidunt
Those who put their trust in the Lord shall be like Mount Zion, *
which cannot be moved, but stands fast for ever.
The hills stand about Jerusalem *
even as the Lord stands round about his people, from this time forth for evermore.
For the scepter of the ungodly shall not rest upon the land allotted to the righteous, *
lest the righteous put forth their hand to do wickedness.
Do good, O Lord, unto those who are good, *
unto those who are good and true of heart.
As for those who turn aside to their own wicked ways, the Lord shall lead them away with the evildoers; *
but peace shall be upon Israel.

Psalm 126

In convertendo
When the Lord overturned the captivity of Zion, *
then were we like those who dream.
Then was our mouth filled with laughter *
and our tongue with shouts of joy.
Then they said among the nations, *
“The Lord has done great things for them.”
Indeed, the Lord has done great things for us already, *
whereof we rejoice.
Overturn our captivity, O Lord, *
as when streams refresh the deserts of the south.
Those who sow in tears *
shall reap with songs of joy.
He who goes on his way weeping and bears good seed *
shall doubtless come again with joy, and bring his sheaves with him.