Psalm 33

Exultate, justi
Blessed are the people, whose God is the Lord Jehovah *
and blessed are the folk, that he hath chosen to him to be his inheritance.
The Lord looked down from heaven, and beheld all the children of men *
from the habitation of his dwelling he considereth all them that dwell on the earth.
He fashioneth all the hearts of them *
and understandeth all their works.
There is no king that can be saved by the multitude of an host *
neither is any mighty man delivered by much strength.
To deliver their soul from death *
and to feed them in the time of dearth.
Our soul hath patiently tarried for the Lord *
for he is our help and our shield.
For our heart shall rejoice in him *
because we have hoped in his holy Name.
Let thy merciful kindness, O Lord, be upon us *
like as we do put our trust in thee.