Psalm 22

Deus, Deus meus
O praise the Lord, ye that fear him *
magnify him, all ye of the seed of Jacob, and fear him, all ye seed of Israel.
For he hath not despised, nor abhorred, the low estate of the poor *
he hath not hid his face from him, but when he called unto him he heard him.
My praise is of thee in the great congregation *
my vows will I perform in the sight of them that fear him.
The poor shall eat and be satisfied *
they that seek after the Lord shall praise him; your heart shall live for ever.
All the ends of the world shall remember themselves, and be turned unto the Lord *
and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before him.
For the kingdom is the Lord’s *
and he is the Governor among the people.
All such as be fat upon earth *
have eaten and worshipped.
All they that go down into the dust shall kneel before him *
and no man hath quickened his own soul.
My seed shall serve him *
they shall be counted unto the Lord for a generation.